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Below is information about the book we use for interactive learning (group discussions).  We consider it to be the best overall book available for this subject.  You can purchase it new on for $12 to $13, or used for much less than that!  Also, we have printed copies of it available for your reference while in our weekly meetings if you don’t want to purchase it.  But we hope you will purchase it and read through it often as it is a great source of comfort, knowledge and healing for surviving divorce.


Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends


By:  Bruce Fisher


3rd Edition (January 1, 2005)


Biography:  Bruce Fisher, Ed.D. (1931-1998) developed the 'rebuilding' model of divorce recovery nearly 25 years ago. Founder and director of the Family Relations Learning Center (Boulder, Colorado), he personally trained thousands of individuals and therapists in this approach, enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide. Popular divorce therapist, author, teacher, clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.



Editorial Reviews:


"...a handbook for the divorcing and divorced that is authentic and which they can employ in the rebuilding of their own lives." -- Esther Oshiver Fisher, J.D., Journal of Divorce


" with the everyday feelings and problems of the divorcing and divorced... hits just the right balance between seriousness and optimism." -- Florence Kaslow, Ph.D., Journal of Marital and Family Therapy


"I found the book comforting, helpful and realistic -- it is going to hurt, and it will not be easy, but you can do." -- Marilyn Anita Dalrymple, Affaire de Coeur


"If you're putting your life back together after a divorce, you need this book! It could be just what you're looking for to help you get your life back on track. I found it to be very interesting and informative." -- Jeanette Wright, Borger News-Herald, Borger, Texas


"One of the best books written for the divorcing person... warm, engaging." --the Behavior Therapist --multiple



From the Publisher:


Internationally renowned divorce therapist Bruce Fisher and his 700,000-copy bestselling guide, Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends, have made the long and difficult process of divorce recovery a lot easier. Fisher's divorce process rebuilding blocks offer a proven, supportive nineteen-step process for putting one's life back together after divorce. Built on more than two decades of research and practice, Rebuilding reflects feedback from, and the experiences of hundreds of thousands of divorced men and women who have read and used Rebuilding. Clearly the most widely used approach to divorce recovery, Fisher's rebuilding model has made the divorce process less traumatic, even healthier, for his readers. The third edition, revised and updated with the assistance of psychologist and marriage and family therapist Dr. Robert Alberti, continues Bruce's tradition of straight-to-the-heart response to the needs of those who are going through divorce.